My go to style: Twist outs

20150927-1075952037-1[1] When I first went natural I could only do a wash & go. I tried doing a twist out but it just wouldn’t come out right. Well the 3rd times a charm because on my 3rd attempt I got it! Now twist outs are one of my go to styles. Here’s how I achieve a defined twist out.

1. Start with freshly washed hair
2. Choose the product(s) of your choice which works best for your hair and gives you the most hold and definition due to you want your twists to be very defined. My favorite combination is Camille Rose Curl Maker and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
3. Section hair. I section my hair in 4 equal sections. I start with small sections within each section and smooth on product. I smooth on the curl enhancing smoothie first then follow with the curl maker. Comb through and twist. Continue this process until all hair is twisted.
4. Air dry or sit under dryer until completely dry. I air dry overnight and my hair is always dry by morning.
5. Before you begin to unravel, take a little bit of oil and rub on your fingers and gently unravel each twist. The oil helps prevent frizz, I normally use coconut oil.
6. Fluff to your liking. I use a pick to fluff at the roots for more volume.

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How to preserve your twist out:
Every night before bed I re-twist my hair, but not in the same original twist. The idea is just to keep the twist in tack, so I normally re-twist my hair into 7 or 8 jumbo twists. I then wrap my hair with a satin scarf. The next morning I unravel and fluff. This style normally last 4-5 days. If I begin to get a lot of frizz I do a high bun until wash day.

What’s your go to style? Were you able to master it on the first try? Comment below.



Transitioning from Heat Damage Q & A

Transitioning from heat damage

Transitioning from heat damage

Over the past few months I’ve received some questions on my transitioning journey. Here are a few quick questions and answers about my journey.

Q. How long have you been natural?
A. 8 years

Q. What made you want to return to natural?
A. I started getting relaxers at about the age of 12, so I never really seen what my hair looked like in its natural state.  After over 10 years of getting relaxers I decided to stop.

Q. Did you do the big chop or transition?
A. I transitioned. I stopped getting relaxers and started wearing buns, braids and weaves. When my hair wasn’t in a protective style I would flat-iron my hair regularly and as a result I had a lot of heat damage.

Q. Was it hard to style your hair while transitioning?
A. It was a little difficult trying to figure out which products worked best. After trial and error I figured it out. I wore my hair in a puff most of the time or I did a wash n go which showed all the heat damage. I completely stopped flat-ironing my hair and it’s been over 2 1/2 years since the last time I put any heat on my hair.

Q. What’s your curl type?
A. I don’t curl type my hair. I’ve had people ask me what my curl type is and I really don’t know, 3a, 3b, 4c, its all so confusing. No 2 curls are the same, everyone’s hair is different and has been through its own journey. Although you may look at someone and think their hair is similar to yours the products they use may not work for your hair.

Q. What products do you use?
A. I use several different products. A few of my favorites are Camille Rose Curl Maker, As I Am co-wash and Miss Jessie’s Leave In Conditioner and Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. I will do another blog about my favorite products.

Q. What’s your hair care regimen?
A. I co-wash and deep condition my hair once a week. I had really bad heat damage so the deep conditioning really helped my curls snap back. I try to do low manipulation styles to keep my hands out my hair for the week. Things like, braid outs, twist outs and buns.

Q. What’s the best thing about being natural?
A. How free you feel. I love the feeling of seeing my freshly washed thick natural curls.

Q. What’s hardest thing about being natural?
A. Wash day. Wash day can be an all day event! I wash, deep condition and style my hair all in one day so normally I do this on a Friday or Saturday night.

Q. What are some tips you would give to someone returning to natural?
A. BE PATIENT! I know its hard but patience is key. Try working on mastering one style at a time. If you want to achieve the perfect twistout keep practicing until it’s gets to your liking before trying to do bantu knots so you don’t get overwhelmed or frustrated. Also don’t compare your journey with the next persons, everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. Just focus on obtaining healthy hair.

There will be good and bad hair days. If you try a style and it doesn’t come out the way you hoped just keep practicing and you’ll get there. Good luck with your natural hair journey and enjoy the ride. Remember, when you’re good to your hair, your hair is good to you.


Want to share your journey? Comment below.